The Media Theatre has Stephen Sondheim’s Tony winning musical “Into The Woods” on stage this summer, now through July 30. The show is being produced as a teen musical experience, in which a youth cast performs along with two local (and slightly older) actors who have had professional or university experience.

Toni Huegel, who attends Springfield High School as a sophomore this fall, plays the role of The Witch. “I’m having a blast this summer at The Media Theatre, “she said. “I’m also in the Vocalist contest.”

“I was Lady Rowena in “Once Upon A Mattress” in high school,” she said. “I’ve also played Dorothy in Viviana Theatre Company’s “The Wizard of OZ”, and was also in their production of “Into The Woods”. Here at The Media Theatre I have done “13: The Musical” and “The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood”.”
She loves Sondheim’s musical. “The show, “Into The Woods”, is a compilation of entertaining stories with a lot of hidden meaning,” she explained. “Sondheim pieced together group of very familiar fairytales that everyone has been known to love and enjoy, but he also leaves a sense of "the real world." Behind each fairytale is a lesson that each of the characters must learn in order to live a successful and happy life.”

“It’s a show for any age, because of its setting and characters,” Toni said. “It’s impossible to be bored by it, as it is fast paced and very involving. The songs provide even more excitement.”
How about The Witch? “Well, it’s the biggest and most elaborate role I have ever played,” she said. “It’s a huge task. I choose to be as vocal and animated as possible with the role, for dramatic expression. She’s full of yearning, anger, love, and all sorts of feelings. She’s not scary, really, she’s just trying to see that justice is done.”

Toni Huegel loves acting, and says performing is a large part of her life. “I love the musical side of the performing arts because music is a universal language, and it tells a story where words cannot. You can, on stage, be yourself while being in situations that are very unique and varied. It makes me very happy!”

For tickets to this summer's "Into The Woods" at The Media Theatre (July 7-30) call 610-891-0100 or visit Performances are Friday nights at 7pm, Saturdays at 2pm and 7pm, and Sundays at 3pm. Most roles are double cast, so it's a different cast each weekend!


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