Monday, May 16, 2016


On Friday May 13, The Media Theatre was packed with a near capacity crowd. The production of "1776" was to begin at 8pm, but the real draw for the evening was the tribute held prior to the show for one of the most popular and beloved members of the Media community, Mr. Stanley T. "Tom" Hibberd III. 

Affectionately known as Tom Hibberd to those who know him, his life in and around Media has been one of tireless assistance to community, to neighbors, and to local organizations. A long time member of the Media Rotary, the Fair Trade Foundation, and The Media Theatre, Tom's popularity brought over 400 family and friends as well as associates to the theatre on the special night.
Tom Hibberd speaks to the crowd of over 400 at The Media Theatre on May 13. 
A reception was held in his honor in the elegant Crystal Room, where Tom has been involved in many meetings over the years as a Media Theatre Board member and subsequently its Chairman of the Board. Now with Emeritus status, his knowledge and insight is still an important factor in the theatre's movement forward.

During the past two years, as Tom's health began to fail, his enthusiasm for life and his community spirit nevertheless remains intact. "It wasn't just me who moved the theatre forward," he said in front of his adoring fans and friends. "There's also Mayor Bob McMahon, Jesse Cline, and Patrick Ward who work tirelessly in ensuring the theatre's success."
Tom Hibberd with his wife Wendy, Winston Hibberd, and Media Theatre Executive Director Patrick Ward

"I love the theatre's education programs," he stated. "The opportunities it gives to young people who have dreams of becoming Broadway stars or even stars in their own neighborhood is priceless. I can't imagine Media without it."

To assist in driving home his point, one of The Media Theatre's students, Ava Briglia, who started out performing on her own during the summer contest "The Vocalist" and is now playing the lead on Broadway in "Matilda" sent a special video greeting to Tom, which was shown on the theatre's big screen. Now 9 years old, her beaming smile lit up the room as she said, "We hope you feel better soon, Tom. We love you! Greetings from Broadway!"
Tom's brother Don addresses the crowd, honoring his brother
Another student and past "Vocalist Junior" winner Molly Sorensen, stood next to Mr. Hibberd as she sang the legendary musical theatre song "You'll Never Walk Alone" to him. 

Tom's brother, Don Hibberd, put the entire evening together in tribute to his sibling. He spoke of Tom as the crowd of over 400 listened with respect and honor. "I love my brother dearly," he said. "He says it's not what you do when you are alive, but what you are remembered for when you are gone that matters. This night is a tribute to the greatest man I know, here at a place that he loves so much."
Tom Hibberd with his son Nate at the Media Theatre May 13
Tom Hibberd listens to his tribute before the performance of "1776" 
"We want to keep the opportunities for students and young people alive," Tom said. "Please keep the dream alive and support the theatre's educational programs. I've seen what happens on this stage when the young people get up here to perform, and it's pure magic. If you haven't seen it, you need to."

A special note to Mr. Tom Hibberd from Jesse Cline and Patrick Ward of The Media Theatre: "Tom, you have kept the dream alive and we are forever grateful."

Tom Hibberd and his brother Don have requested that anyone who wishes to support The Media Theatre's educational programs please call 610-891-0100.


  1. It was a great evening to honor such a great man! I have known Tom for about 20 years. He is a man of honor, integrity, professionalism, and he cares about others. I could go on and on! His actions speak louder than any words!

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