Thursday, September 25, 2014


THE ADDAMS FAMILY is alive and well, living the life of luxury in their humorously gloomy atmospheric musical comedy now through Nov. 2 at The Media Theatre.

If you are not familiar with the macabre clan, they're the creation of Charles Addams, the brilliant cartoonist who based (through exaggeration of his own families eccentricities) them on a few of his own relatives. They spawned a legendary '60's sitcom, several major motion pictures, and now this hit Broadway musical. The show has its regional Philly professional premiere at Media, with an all-star Philadelphia cast featuring Jeff Coon as Gomez and Jennie Eisenhower as Morticia.

Media Theatre News has first pics of the first public performance for your eyes only! Check 'em out...
(Photos by Chris Jordan)

Morticia and Gomez (Jennie Eisenhower and Jeff Coon) share a goofy sexy and totally unique moment

Snap Snap....Morticia, Gomez, and Lurch (Bill Vargus)
Wednesday (Lauren Cupples) loves to please with her dinner treats
The Ancestors do the Addams Family Tree Dance
That's a Fester (Nicholas Saverine)
Alice (Kristine Fraelich) gets into family photos with Morticia
Grandma (Susan Wefel)...."Nuff said
The Addams Family (Susan Wefel, Lauren Cupples, Jeff Coon, Jennie Eisenhower, Bill Vargus, Nicholas Saverine, and JD Triolo)
TO SEE THE ADDAMS FAMILY, CALL 610-891-0100 OR VISIT WWW.MEDIATHEATRE.ORG. No need to go all the way to Central Park, catch my drift? 

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