In this day and age, everyone knows there are at least two sides to every story. Now, you get to see the Wolf's point of view when it comes to the tale of Red Riding Hood.

"The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood" at The Media Theatre presents two versions of the fable in a comedic fashion for ages 4 and up. The first version is the one we all know in which a wolf disguises himself as Grandma to attack the girl in the red outfit. But, what we don't know is the second version of the story in which the girl is totally annoying and Grandma makes a deal with the Wolf to teach her a lesson in humility. 

The musical is on each Saturday morning at 11am and Sundays at Noon September 24 through November 5. It's the perfect treat for children who are being introduced to live theatre, and it's fun for the adults to see the humorous twist in the tale. 

The show features a cast of young student actors from The Media Theatre's New School and Acting Classes. There are animals on stage, including a Deer, Skunk, and Rabbit, as well as a Butterfly and little bugs to add to the fun. 
Brynn Washbourne as Red Riding Hood, with Paul Vink as the Wolf
They share the roles with Bridget Henry and Zachary Divito
The 45 minute production has memorable lessons for children, and pleasant reminders for more mature audiences with songs such as "It's Nice To Be Nice". There is also a public service announcement in the production about not littering in public parks and campgrounds.

Other song titles are "The Chase", "The Plan", "That's The Way It Was", and "I'm So Pretty". Judy Wolfman wrote the script, with music and lyrics by David Reiser. Carol Sorensen designed the costumes, with Daniel Espie music directing and accompanying each performance on keyboard.

"The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood" does not contain any frightening scenes and provides a fun way for young audiences to learn while being entertained. For tickets, call 610-891-0100 or visit mediatheatre.org. GET TICKETS HERE


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