Monday, August 8, 2016


The twenty remaining contestants of "Vocalist Junior" gave it their all during the Semi-Finals, and now the Top 15 Finalists have been announced.

Since all previous scores had been erased before the Semi-Finals, the Finalists bravely chose difficult songs, dressed in costumes, and some even had props with them on stage.

The one constant judge for the competition, The Media Theatre's Artistic Director Jesse Cline, gave advice or comments to each vocalist. To a few, he mentioned "You must listen to the keyboard" as there were, in such anxiety filled performances, pitch problems. To others, he said, "This is a great song, but should really be sung by someone in their forties. You're only 13!"

And there were the select few to whom he stated, "That was great! A very good performance."
The Vocalist Junior Top 15 are:
Back-Grace Curry, Fiona Moser, Veronica Garrubbo, Amanda Shaughnessy
Middle-Mary Kate Vink, Josh Atkinson, Violet Wiley, Cara Furchner,  Hayley Hughes, Sean Lock
Front-Skylar Kelly, Sadie Lock, Carter Weiss, Bridget Henry, Brynn Washbourne
So as the night wore on the singers did their best with a variety of song styles and choices (vocalists always choose their own songs). The judges filled out their ballots as the show took place, and online/ public voting was available as well. Each contestant started the Semi-Finals with a score of Zero, as all previous scores were wiped away.

The same will be true with the Finals on August 14. No previous score will have any affect on the outcome, and it will all come down to what happens on the Final night. The Top 15 will sing in Act One on August 14 and then the Top Five will perform in Act Two, as ten will be eliminated at intermission.

The "Vocalist Junior" 2016 Top 15 are: Josh Atkinson, 12, Drexel Hill; Grace Curry, 11, Broomall; Cara Furchner, 8, Glen Mills; Veronica Garrubbo, 13, Berwyn; Bridget Henry, 9, Havertown; Hayley Hughes, 13, Hockessin, DE; Skylar Kelly, 12 of Phoenixville; Sadie Lock, 9, Wenonah, NJ; Sean Lock, 12, Malvern; Fiona Moser, 13, Havertown; Amanda Shaughnessy, 13, Wallingford; Mary Kate Vink, 12, West Chester; Brynn Washbourne, 9, Coatesville; Carter Weiss, 11, Pike Creek, DE; and Violet Wiley, 10, Woodlyn.

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