"To Kill A Mockingbird" is at The Media Theatre through February 21. The legendary novel by Harper Lee is adapted by Christopher Sergel for the stage play. 

With a cast of professional actors featuring both youth and adults the show is directed by three-time Broadway World Award winner Jesse Cline. 

Focusing on the trial of a young black man falsely accused of physically harming a young white woman in 1930's Alabama, "To Kill A Mockingbird" presents a powerful examination of racial tensions and profiling which still exist today. 

The youth roles (Scout, Jem, and Dill) are double cast with two groups of talented young actors. Lexi Gwynn and Jolie Jaffe share the role of Scout, while Brayden Orpello-McCoy and Ben Pedersen bring life to the role of Jem. Jacob Shapiro and Tim Woodward are Dill. 

Tickets are available by calling 610-891-0100 or by visiting

Photos by Maura McConnell

Atticus Finch (Bob Stineman) speaks to the jury
as the bailiff (Henry O' Neill) and Judge Taylor (P.Brendan Mulvey) listen
Tom Robinson (Travis Keith Battle) tells his side of the story as the Judge listens
Reverend Sykes (Pastor Warren Mays of Media's Second Baptist Church) leads his congregation in song

Bob Ewell (Tim Woodward) points the finger at Tom during the trial.
Standing behind the table is Sheriff Tate (Kelly Briggs)


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