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There are a few versions of Peter Pan's story that are cultural icons beyond J. M. Barrie's original story: Disney's cartoon version, Spielberg's film version, and the musical from the '50's which Cathy Rigby re-ignited in later years.

The Media Theatre will add a fresh, modern interpretation of the Peter Pan saga in January 2016. Running on weekends through the end of February, and geared to audiences ages 5 and up, "Peter Pan And Wendy: A New Musical" is written by Kate Herzlin with a score by Ben Kapilow. 
Gunar Daniels, who will play the role of Peter Pan
West Chester's Gunar Daniels, who is one of two 13 year old boys from the region that take on the role of "Billy Elliot" currently at The Media Theatre, will portray Peter Pan.  Mary Kate Vink, who has been a student at the theatre for seven years, will have her first lead role as Wendy. She is 11 years old. 
Mary Kate Vink, who will portray Wendy

Kapilow was the music director for Camp Media Theatre this past summer. He became even more connected with the theatre and many of the families who participate in its educational programming as the accompanist for the 2015 "Vocalist" contests. Upon learning that the theatre was seeking a new musical for children and families, Kapilow suggested "Peter Pan And Wendy" which he and his writing partner Herzlin had been working on.

"We are very excited to have the world premiere of our new show at such an acclaimed professional theatre," Kapilow said. The show plays January 23 to February 28 Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at Noon. 

"The educational component of The Media Theatre is a main ingredient to what we do," said the theatre's Artistic Director Jesse Cline. "As with all of our Children's Series shows, "Peter Pan And Wendy" will combine professional actors on stage with those who are from our New School and other classes. It's somewhat of an extra-curricular activity as young actors must be enrolled in our classes in order to be cast."

"Peter Pan And Wendy: A New Musical" takes place in 2016 in the USA. The show will reflect its contemporary style with references to Minecraft vs. imagination, allowing young audiences to understand that Neverland is that part of you that exists within yourself as a reminder to always be true to yourself as you grow older and mature. 

Peter Pan will have the charisma of a current celebrity pop artist, while the Pirates will be a mingling of top charting rock bands with the traditional look for the story. The entire show will be fun for young children and adults as they see their favorite characters come to life, allowing imagination to take flight.

For tickets, call 610-891-0100 or visit

The "Peter Pan And Wendy" cast at The Media Theatre is:

Peter Pan…..Gunar Daniels
Wendy………Mary Kate Vink
Tinkerbell…..Bridget Henry

John, Wendy’s brother…………................Zachary Divito
Michael, Wendy’s younger brother……..Alex Pollard
Mr. Darling….Michael Wells
Mrs. Darling….Gigi Furlan
Nana……......Sarah Shoumer
Liza…………Lauren Poltrock

Tootles….Sarah Shoumer
Nibs……...Violet Wiley
Twin 1…..Alexsa McKeown
Twin 2…..Eve Rosenstein
Slightly…Hannah Brady
Curly…....Sean O’ Neill
Lost Kids: Yazmin Ahmed, Scott Bradbury, Aidan Crane, Caileigh Crane, Aiden Fox, Danny Pedersen, Kiki Troilo, Alexandra Shoumer, Annabelle Shoumer, Madison Vassilakopoulos, Brynne Washbourne, Roya Wolcott
(Note: The female swing for the Lost Kids is Brynne Washbourne, who will understudy Tootles, Nibs, Alexsa McKeown, Eve Rosenstein, Hannah Brady)

Captain Hook….Denzel Thomas
Smee….Roger Ricker
Ceco….Michael Wells
Jukes……Lauren Poltrock
Cookson…Henry O’ Neill
Skylights….Gigi Furlan
Noodler….Hannah Murphy
Mullins…...Noelle Longenberger
Random….Kayla Blackstock

Crocodile/ Lost Kid – Maxwell Talbot

Peter Pan….Michael Wells
Wendy…..Sarah Shoumer
John….Sean O’ Neill
Michael….Aiden Fox
Nana/ Liza….Noelle Longenberger
Tinkerbell….Alexsa McKeown
Mr. Darling/ Captain Hook…Roger Ricker

All Pirates…Kayla Blackstock 

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