It's time for the holidays which means "Jack Frost Saves Christmas" is on stage at The Media Theatre. This one hour upbeat and heartfelt show for youth of all ages is all about the boy who can't seem to do anything right because everything he touches turns to ice! Soon, however, friendship and the art of giving get everyone in on the act for a wonderful holiday.
Media Theatre New School student Michael Wells as Jack Frost
"Jack Frost Saves Christmas" was Matt and Tina Jo Wallace with music by Scott Bradley, a previous resident music director for The Media Theatre. Songs include "Countdown to Christmas", "Frost", and "Gifts Are For Giving".

The production features a cast of the theatre's professionally trained acting, dance, and New School students along with three guest adult actors: Roger Ricker as Mr. Holly, the town's eccentric theatre director; Tim Haney as Polar Bear; and Henry O' Neill as Santa Claus. Three New School students are featured: Michael Wells portrays Jack Frost with Hannah Murphy as Elizabeth, who befriends him, and Gigi Furlan plays the role of Mom. 
Tim Haney as Polar Bear, Cassidy Else as Rabbit, Michael Wells as Jack Frost, and Ben Pedersen as Penguin
Music Direction is by Patrick Murphy. The colorful costumes are by Patricia Garrubbo and Carol Sorensen with assistance from Casey Feeley and Nicole Trotter. The show includes audience participation and an opportunity for children to be on stage during the "Rompin' Reindeer" dance.
Roger Ricker as Mr. Holly with Wells as Jack Frost

The show plays Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at Noon now through January 1. On Saturday December 5, 12, and 19 children attending the show will be able to meet Santa Claus upstairs in the theatre's Crystal Room starting at 10:30am. Photos may be taken with Santa Claus and a few of the actors from the show on each of the three Saturdays.
Hanna Murphy as Elizabeth and Gigi Furlan as Mom notice "Frost" on the windowpane

There is one special Tuesday evening show at 7pm December 8. 
The "Jack Frost" Chistmastown Citizens cast
To purchase tickets call 610-891-0100 or visit It's just $12 for children and $15 for adults to enjoy this special holiday themed treat.
Carter Weiss as Raccoon with the other animals and Jack 


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