There's a Beauty on stage at The Media Theatre each weekend through November 1. It's the "Tale of Beauty and The Beast" Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at Noon, featuring a cast of professional adult actors as well as student actors.

This original version of the story features songs such as "Could You Possibly Be My Friend?" and "Fables and Fairytales" as well as humorous characters like Greedo and Graspo the two brothers-in-law of The Beauty who will do everything they can to achieve riches.

Swarthmore's Jacob Mergott, 16, plays the dual role of The Prince/ The Beast, with Molly Sorensen, 14, of Malvern as The Beauty. Both did very well in The Media Theatre's summer "Vocalist" contests with Mergott making it to the final round in 2015 and  Sorensen winning the competition in 2014. 

An Old Woman (Roger Ricker) casts a spell on The Prince and, later, on the entire audience as volunteers are invited onto the stage to help out.

Enjoy the photos, and get tickets to the show by visiting or calling 610-891-0100. The show is suitable for ages 5 and up and is one hour in length. Photos by Chris Furlan. 

Molly Sorensen as The Beauty
Jacob Mergott as The Prince
Roger Ricker as The Old Woman
Lars Halldin as Graspo with Michael Wells as Greedo
Tim Haney, center, as The Clock with Sarah Shoumer as a Masterpiece Painting and Molly Sorensen as Beauty
The Beast (Mergott) with his Magic Looking Glass (Violet Wiley and Caileigh Crane)
Emily Smith as Marguerite and Brianna Jaffe as Isabel, the sisters of Beauty (Photo by Monica Crane)
The Beast (Jacob Mergott) with his paintings (Sarah Shoumer, Mary Kate Vink) and Madame Rondeau (Veronica Garrubbo) --Photo by Monica Crane


  1. Great show Beauty played by Molly Sorenson was amazing. Very well done.

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