Sunday, August 30, 2015


The Media Theatre's New School is entering its fifth year during the 2015-16 Season.

A prestigious 'by invitation or audition only' theatre study program for two age groups, The New School focuses on the truth of performance: Who is the actor and how does the actor approach the scene, monologue, or song? 

Based within the Sanford Meisner technique, which is defined with the statement "Acting is living as truthfully as one can under an imaginary circumstance", The New School focuses on two aspects of music theatre (Acting and Vocal Music) for the younger age group on Mondays during the 4:30-6:30pm class beginning September 28. 
Media Theatre's Artistic Director Jesse Cline, who instructs and leads The New School, a conservatory-style approach to theatre education which is completely separate from the theatre's Acting Classes. 

The Teens (ages 12 and up) will not have a class structured in the same way. They will, instead, form a Youth Ensemble Performance Troupe which will meet every Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm starting October 1.

The New School Teens will differ from any other class at The Media Theatre in the following ways:

1) They will focus on one act plays and musicals, to be performed at the theatre and also as a traveling acting company in the region at special events, schools, or corporate gatherings. 

2) Jesse Cline, Artistic Director for The Media Theatre, will instruct and direct the New School Teens.This is the only class Cline teaches at The Media Theatre, aside from private lessons. It is exclusive.

3) Chris Ertelt, resident music director for the theatre, will offer his knowledge regarding the songs and/ or scores they will work on. He will also accompany each participant during rehearsal and performance.

4) The New School Teens will meet on stage at The Media Theatre. This gives the participants a true theatrical atmosphere upon which to build a solid base of education and rehearsal. 

5) Special guest directors and actors will meet with The New School Teens on occasion in exclusive Master Classes. Guests may include but are not limited to Barrymore Award winning actress Jennie Eisenhower, "Billy Elliot" director Geoffrey Goldberg, and professional actors from our Broadway Series. Only New School Teens will be offered these Master Classes as part of their training.

6) The New School Teens will be invited to tech and/ or dress rehearsals for the Broadway Series. They will gain firsthand knowledge and insight to a director's vision as it is being created and will have opportunities to chat with the director, designers, and actors. No other class at The Media Theatre will be given this opportunity.

7) The New School Teens, on a date appropriate for The Media Theatre staff, Artistic Director Jesse Cline, and parents of the group, will travel to NYC by train on a weekend morning to see a Broadway show. (This will be an extra cost for show ticket, lunch, etc) They will discuss the show with Cline and possibly other special guests who travel with the Teens.

We look forward to a very special 2015-16 New School season. 

There is still space available! Email Roger at to set up an audition or interview with Jesse Cline. (Previous New School students may not have to audition or interview) 

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