Sunday, July 5, 2015


So this blog is, at times, a base spot for press and marketing materials for The Media Theatre.

At other times, such as with this writing, it gives me--Roger Ricker--the opportunity on a rare occasion to speak about what I am directly involved in and have noticed.

As the rehearsal manager for "The Vocalist" 2015 competition, what I can tell you plainly is this: The talent this year within the Wednesday night competition's 14-24 age group is, as a whole, the best it has ever been. I speak from the heart, as I am not a judge for the contest nor an instructor for any of those involved. Merely an observer from a Stage Management position. 

Without even analyzing my comment to the singers after rehearsal this evening, I actually thanked them all for entertaining me. Yes, I did. They were there to rehearse on stage with the accompanist (Ben Kapilow) and to receive notes from myself which might boost their confidence or pointers which might assist them during the show such as 'to stand in the light'.

However, not many pointers had to be given. This group of teenagers and young adults was so spot-on and performed with such ease it was almost as if we were watching a show that had been rehearsed for several weeks already! 

And the diversity of the song choices...the best ever! Yes, there are Broadway songs both recognizable and not-so-well known as well as classic pop songs. BUT the important issue of note is that the various genres within those categories is ample, with barely one song sounding like the one before it. 

Plus, the singers this year have such unique personalities which shines through in their talent it's as if they were pre-packaged singers appearing on a nationally televised 'reality' singing show. These young vocalists ARE THAT GOOD.

You do not want to miss this Wednesday night's first 2015 "Vocalist" show, which is in and of itself a contest. Yes, one of these young people will be announced as the 'winner' eventually and will win $1500. But let me tell you....without seeming like a cliche...they are ALL WINNERS! 

The audience, too, will win with this group. Your heart will be taken by these aspiring singers which bring natural talent to The Media Theatre stage this summer. You'll want to hear more. I did. And, because I manage each rehearsal all summer long, I'll have the privilege of doing so.

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! This is promising to be a fantastic show! It's Wednesday nights July 9 through August 5 at 7pm. Tickets are $12-15

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