Sunday, April 26, 2015


A grand opening is truly grand when a legendary Broadway actress cuts the ribbon. Andrea McArdle, who started an impressive career by becoming the youngest actress ever nominated for a Tony award as the "Annie" known worldwide, did just that at the grand opening for The Media Theatre's new School & Dance Studio in Media. 
Broadway's Andrea McArdle cuts the ribbon, as young actor Ben Pedersen looks on
At the Sunday April 26 event attended by Media's Mayor Bob McMahon, Borough Council President Brian Hall, Media Business Authority Executive Director Zubair Khan, Delaware County Council's Colleen Morrone, and the theatre's Artistic Director Jesse Cline as well as Executive Director Patrick Ward, McArdle beamed with a bright look toward the future as she spoke prior to cutting the ribbon. 
Andrea McArdle speaks, looking at the young Media Theatre actors Ben Pedersen and Jaydin Knight with an eye toward the future

"This is a momentous occasion," she said. "The work done at The Media Theatre is truly wonderful, and the opportunities for the youth are very special. Talent must be nurtured. We are here to celebrate the opening of this new education space for music theatre, for singing and for dancing, and for these young people here with us today who truly are the future of Broadway."
Andrea McArdle speaks from the heart
"Education for the youth performers is very important to me," she stated. "I had the gift of "Annie" and now the young people in this region have this gift. A new space to learn, to rehearse, to follow their dreams."

It was a very meaningful, moving moment when this iconic actress, who belted out "Tomorrow" all those years ago and is now starring in "Hello Dolly" at The Media Theatre, cut the red ribbon at the entrance to the School & Dance Studio. It truly was inspirational, as everyone beamed with a smile as large as Andrea McArdle's as she looked adoringly at the youth members of the theatre's children's show "Magic Tree House: Knight At Dawn". 
Media Mayor Bob McMahon opens the ribbon cutting event
Mayor McMahon opened the event giving a proclamation to Executive Director Patrick Ward which states that April 26, 2015 is known as Media Theatre Day. "This new space will fulfill several purposes," McMahon said. "There will be opportunities here on State Street during Dining Under the Stars on Wednesday nights for young children."
Colleen Morrone, of Delaware County Council
Colleen Morrone of Delaware County Council said, "This is a wonderful addition to Media and also to the County. It, and The Media Theatre, are an economic boon to the region. Artistic Director Jesse Cline has a vision, and it's why he was just given an ICON Award by Media Arts Council. I get to introduce an ICON!"
Artistic Director Jesse Cline
With that Cline took center stage and looked upon the crowd with pride. "Thank you all," he said. "We are very happy to be more involved with the borough with this new space on State Street."
Media Borough Council President Brian Hall leads celebratory applause

Borough Council's President Brian Hall closed the ceremony by saying, "My daughter takes acting classes here. Speaking as a parent, I know how much care is given to each and every student from the staff at The Media Theatre."
Members of The Media Theatre's "Magic Tree House: Knight At Dawn" cast
After the cheers began to subside, the "Magic Tree House" cast in attendance happily went to the second floor dance studio for a well deserved pizza party. Tap and Ballet classes begin Monday April 27, but it was free-style dancing at the celebration party.

To find out more, or to register for classes, visit or call 610-891-0100.


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