The Media Theatre has the region's premiere of "Magic Tree House: Knight At Dawn"! It's a fun hour long musical for ages 4 and up based on Mary Pope Osborne's second story in the popular book series about Jack and Annie who find a tree house filled with magic books. When they put their finger on any of the books, they go back in time. 

In "Knight At Dawn", Jack and Annie go back to Medieval Times to meet The Black Knight and learn what courage is all about. The musical has plenty of humor, adventure, and songs such as "How Far Can You See?" and "Welcome To The Dungeon".

This is the second consecutive year in which The Media Theatre presented the regional premiere of a "Magic Tree House" musical. Last year's "Dinosaurs Before Dark" took audiences to prehistoric times and was extremely popular.

The shows are fun for adults as well, presenting a fast-paced hour during which the youth cast, with help from professional adult actors, take audiences along on the journey. There is also a chance for little ones to come up on stage and join in!

Young actors Ben Pedersen and Brynn Washbourne as Jack and Annie
Roger Ricker as The Jester

Jaydin Knight and Jolie Jaffe as Jack and Annie! (The roles are double cast; the actors take turns playing the lead roles)

Denzel Thomas as The Duke!

The Minstrels (Cassidy Else, Sophie Leone, Mary Kate Vine, Katheryn Cooper on the floor)
with Roger Ricker as The Jester

For tickets to the high-energy show, call 610-891-0100 or visit! Be one of the first to see "Magic Tree House: Knight At Dawn", which is on weekends now through May 24 (Saturdays at 11am; Sundays at Noon)


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