The Media Theatre has Stephen Sondheim’s Tony winning musical “Into The Woods” on stage this summer, now through July 30. The show is being produced as a teen musical experience, in which a youth cast performs along with two local (and slightly older) actors who have had professional or university experience.

Josh Myers, of Marple Newtown High School, plays the role of Rapunzel’s Prince in the production. “It’s  a grand departure from the goofy roles I am accustomed to playing,” he said. “However, I learned to look past the Prince's hamminess, and discover the humanity that Lapine (Bookwriter)  and Sondheim (composer) had hidden in every character in the show. As such, when playing the Prince, I try to strike a precise balance between goofy caricature and genuine person.”

He continued, “This happens to be my very first show at the Media Theatre; however, I've been greatly involved with theatre at Marple Newtown High School, at which I am a Senior. My previous roles there include 'Chef Louis' in The Little Mermaid, 'Friar Tuck' in The Trials of Robin Hood, and 'Starkey' in Peter Pan.”
He is a big fan of the musical. “I think that what makes ‘Into the Woods’ unique from Sondheim's other shows, and other Broadway shows in general, is that it seems to entirely defy genre; it has the large cast, the generally stagnant setting, and comedy of a farce, yet it also possesses complex, multifaceted characters and dramatic elements that could be found in most tragedies. It combines comedy and drama elegantly, which is why I believe it to be such an important piece of modern American art.”

He’s also very proud of the cast he has had the pleasure to work with. “This production had roughly 3 weeks to prepare for opening night; putting together a show in such a short time is unfeasible, until you consider that it is a Sondheim show; then it becomes impossible. However, the entire cast pulled together and worked so valiantly that we achieved the impossible. Audiences should come to see, not only the show, but the hard work and the sheer passion that we, the cast, have for theatre.”

Of theatre, and acting, he says, “Acting and performing has helped me so much with confidence over the years, and, as it turns out, I've discovered genuine passion in the theatrical arts; this passion is so great that, in college, I hope to be studying theatre and working towards making a career as an actor. I suppose it's safe to say that theatre doesn't influence aspects of my life, but rather is itself an aspect of my life.”

"Into The Woods" is on thru July 30. For tickets, call The Media Theatre at 610-891-0100 or visit


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