During the month of July, everyone can be "13" again! That's when Jason Robert Brown's Broadway musical "13" is on stage at The Media Theatre. 

Each weekend July 8 through the 31, the show features a story about Evan Goldman, who becomes a teenager and moves from New York City to a small town in the Midwest. If that change is not enough, he is also going through physical changes as he becomes a young man. "13" is about growing up and learning how to fit in, of course, but it's also appealing to adults who wish to take a walk down memory lane.
The Guys of "13": Josiah Jacoby, Dayshawn Hewitt, Michael Wells, JD Triolo, Matt Saylor, Leo Koncos, Jackson Sweeney, and Josh Atkinson

Talkin' Broadway, in David Edward Hughes' review of the show's Seattle production in 2011, said "It has abundant heart and humor, and it may be my favorite Jason Robert Brown score since Parade."

Hughes' review hits the mark, as the show's score is very appealing to baby boomers raised on American Top 40. Composer Jason Robert Brown sites Billy Joel, Carole King, and Paul Simon as popular artists who have influenced his work along with Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. 

"13" features a score which speaks to the teen years, but also songs which have a universal appeal such as "What It Means To Be A Friend", "The Lamest Place In The World", and "A Little More Homework". 
The Gals of "13": Hannah Murphy, Chloe Millett, Gigi Furlan, Noelle Longenberger, Gigi Furlan, Tess Szathmary, Veronica Garrubbo, Jillian Donohue, Lexi Gwynn, Brianna Jaffe, Molly Sorensen, Toni Huegel, Cameron Scott Flurry, Alaina Guo, Hayley Hughes, Emily Mooney, Rachael McVey, and in front Fana Schoen and Marnie Clark
Dan Elish and Robert Horn wrote the book, which is a series of vignettes tying the story together as we watch Evan deal with culture shock and life changes. From school hallways to the movie theatre, each scene gives us more insight to each character represented. 

"13" has something for anyone between the ages of 12 to adult as we are taken in by the humor, heart, and message of the production. For adults, the perfect comparison might be that "13" is similar in style to "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown". Both shows examine life through younger eyes and minds, but "13" is from an older perspective.

"13" is on stage at The Media Theatre July 8 through July 31 with performances on Fridays at 7pm, Saturdays at 2pm and 7pm, and Sundays at 3pm. It is directed by Jesse Cline. For tickets call 610-891-0100 or visit mediatheatre.org


The cast of "13" at The Media Theatre is listed below. The Gals are double cast and perform on alternate weekends in roles listed. When not playing roles listed, they are in the Ensemble. 

Evan............JD Triolo
Brett.............Michael Wells
Archie..........Matt Saylor  
Malcolm.......Josiah Jacoby  
Eddie...........Josh Atkinson  
Richie/ Rabbi....Jackson Sweeney
Simon...........Leo Koncos 

Patrice.............Lexi Gwynn/ Molly Sorensen
Kendra.............Gigi Furlan/ Hayley Hughes
Lucy..................Veronica Garrubbo/ Cameron Flurry
Charlotte...........Brianna Jaffe/ Rachael McVey
Cassie..............Jillian Donohue/ Chloe Millett
Molly..................Noelle Longenberger/ Hanna Murphy

Marci Clark
Alaina Giu
Dayshawn Hewitt
Toni Huegel
Emily Mooney
Fana Schoen
Tess Szathmary