Saturday May 30 at 4pm the stars of The Media Theatre's recent "Ghost: The Musical", Anna Giordano and Zack Krajnyak, will be featured in the "Electric Cabaret". Born out of a young teen's vision to give back to the theatre he loves so dearly, the "Electric Cabaret" is happening at his own home.

Gregory Smith, 16, started his theatre training at The Media Theatre at the age of 6. Cast in a Saturday morning children's show at the time, his passion for acting and singing began to blossom. Soon, he was performing in mainstage productions such as "Oklahoma!". Eventually he became a contestant in what was then referred to as "Delco Idol, Jr" and won the vocal competition. 

His training took him to the Walnut Theatre stage where he played the lead in "Oliver!" a few years ago, and he won a nationwide Kidz Bop online singing competition.

"With this fundraiser on May 30 I want to give back to The Media Theatre," he said, referring to the cabaret which he created. "It's important to me to share with the community which surrounds me and has assisted me. My hope is to sell a lot of tickets to this event, and I'm thrilled that the stars of "Ghost" are joining us."
Anna Giordano, who played Molly in "Ghost", will perform at the event
The "Electric Cabaret" also features youth performers from The Media Theatre's School. The "Ghost" stars will emcee and sing, as will Gregory Smith and his siblings.

Happening at Gregory's own home (2355 West Deerfield Drive in Media) the cabaret also sets an example that fundraising for your favorite non-profit is able to happen right where you live, as everything that is an integral part of your life should. 

"I attend Episcopal Academy and am also doing community inspired things there," Gregory said. "On May 29 I'm leading a donation for a homeless shelter, so students are bringing in non-perishables. Actually the "Electric Cabaret" is the second cabaret at my house. Last year I did one for Episcopal Academy. This year it seemed like a logical choice to choose The Media Theatre, as they are the two places which have most inspired me."
Zack Krajnyak, who was Sam in "Ghost", will also be on hand, to sing and emcee with Anna Giordano
Both "Ghost" leads understand what it takes to study and train. "This is an excellent event," Anna Giordano said. "It is a showcase for young performers and also highlights the fact that you must support the arts."

Zack Krajnyak agrees. "Sounds so fun and awesome! What a terrific concept to encourage others to do the same."

He and Anna will sing during the cabaret, including "Three Little Words" from "Ghost".

Jesse Cline, the theatre's Artistic Director, directs the cabaret with Ben Kapilow as music director. The $30 ticket includes food and beverage, with a German-inspired menu. "My mom is 100% German and very proud of her heritage," Gregory said. "So that's where the menu comes from!"
16 year old Gregory Smith, who is producing the Electric Cabaret fundraiser
Gregory and his family have been involved at The Media Theatre for the past decade, appearing in shows, singing in concerts, and enjoying the productions as patrons. 

"We truly enjoy every bit of it," the young actor and singer explained. "Without the arts, our lives would have less meaning. The things I have been able to carry with me from what I have learned at the theatre have helped me in every aspect of my life."

The title of the cabaret comes from Gregory's experiences. "In the show "Billy Elliot", which The Media Theatre is producing during the 2015 holiday season, the young ballet dancer sings "Electricity", which is all about what he feels as he dances. The "Electric Cabaret" encapsulates that feeling, because singing and performing in front of an audience is absolutely electric, like no other feeling in the world."

To get tickets to the "Electric Cabaret", an outdoor event at 2355 West Deerfield Drive in Media, call The Media Theatre at 610-891-0100 or visit There's plenty of singing, food, and beverage for everyone who comes out to support the theatre. All proceeds benefit The Media Theatre.