THEATRE UNDER THE STARS during Media's Dining Under The Stars

The Media Theatre and Media Music Theatre Company are happy to announce THEATRE UNDER THE STARS! 

This new event will take place each week during Media borough's Dining Under The Stars on State Street. As a direct tie-in to the popular weekly restaurant party from May through October The Media Theatre will offer acting classes, theatre games, and musical party time for kids ages 4-10. Snacks, soda, and water will be available ($1 each). (Weekly registration for THEATRE UNDER THE STARS per child each week is $25)

Both THEATRE UNDER THE STARS and Dining Under The Stars begin on Wednesday night May 6, lasting throughout the spring and summer and into the fall.

The Media Theatre hopes to assist in attracting more people to the borough and Dining Under The Stars by offering this new event for children from 6:00pm to 9:00pm each Wednesday at its new School and Dance Studio (28 West State Street). The first part of the evening will feature age appropriate theatre games, leading into improvisational scenes. The final 30 minutes each week are a fun Free-Style Dance Party.

With the new Studio being right in the center of the weekly popular dining destination, it's the perfect way to have a safe and fun spot for the kids while the parents are enjoying a great meal at the restaurant of their choice on State Street.

Roger Ricker, who teaches children's acting classes at Media Theatre, will supervise and instruct THEATRE UNDER THE STARS each week with special guests attending. For the younger set, this is a great introduction to Camp Media Theatre and other educational courses at the theatre, and for those with more experience on the stage it's a time to discover, create, and mingle with others who have an interest in being on stage.


Media Music Theatre Company is happy to announce the new 
This direct tie-in to Media borough's popular and delightful Dining Under The Stars takes place on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS each week May 6 through October. Instead of getting a babysitter, parents can register their children for this exciting new venture! 

Just drop off the kids, dine on State Street at your favorite restaurant, and then pick the kids up by 8:30pm.

**Children must be registered by 3pm the Wednesday you are dining**

It's an acting class/ theatre games/ theatre party time for kids ages 4-10 
whose parents are enjoying a meal at Dining Under the Stars on State Street.


Where does it take place?
28 West State Street in Media, right next to The Plumstead Inn

How to register?
It's simple. It's $25 per child per week. 
Just call the box office at 610-891-0100 and choose your date (or dates)
Questions? Ask for Roger or email


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