Even as "Les Miserables" is packing audiences into The Media Theatre and the next Broadway Series production "The Miracle Worker" is getting ready to begin during the final days of January, it's also time to look ahead artistically toward "Ghost, The Musical". The romantic pop/ rock musical based on the Patrick Swayze Oscar winning classic plays in March, so auditions take place right after the New Year approaches.

Media Music Theatre Company, which is the professional music theatre organization housed at The Media Theatre, holds auditions for "Ghost, The Musical" on Tuesday January 6. Registrations will begin at 4pm, with the auditions starting at 5pm for actors, singers, and dancers. The musical will be directed by Jesse Cline and is on stage March 4-29.

"Ghost: The Musical" has a book by Bruce Joel Rubin and music from the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, with assistance from Glen Ballard. The show maintains its narrative focus on Sam and Molly, the two lovers who are attacked upon returning home one evening causing Sam's death. An eccentric medium does what she can to help Sam get back in touch with his dear Molly. An interesting combination of our world and the afterlife, "Ghost: The Musical" is a touching tribute to love. Featuring the song "Unchained Melody" as well as an original score, the show has never been produced by a 
Philadelphia theatre company until now.

At the auditions, Cline and company are seeking the following roles:

Sam Wheat : Male, 25+, Caucasian to play mid-20s to early 30s, tall and handsome, excellent pop/rock tenor, master of his own universe with regard to business and commerce; Molly Jensen : Female, 25+, Caucasian to play late 20s, excellent singer, mezzo with high belt, an artist and woman of the world, an optimist, self-made and independent; and Ona Mae Brown: Female, 30+, African American to play 30s-40s, needs strong comic chops and must have a big soulful vocal, a medium, spirit reader and advisor, she is a smart charlatan.

Also seeking Willie Lopez: Male, 25+, Hispanic to play early 30s, a tough thug, hired to mug Sam and ends up killing him; Louise Brown/Clara Brown: Females, 25+, African American to play 30+, must have strong comic chops, vivid characters and have big soulful voices. They are Ona Mae’s sisters and cohorts in her scams.

Also the role of Subway Ghost: Male, 25+, and seeking All types for Ensemble to play 20's age range who are vocal-- physical dexterity essential, nimble physicality very useful, ability to do any acrobatic tricks an advantage. Must sing and move well, seeking a mix to play the wide variety of the residents and characters of New York City.

The auditions at The Media Theatre on January 6 will see AEA actors first; all EMC candidates must sign up on the non-Union call sheet upon arrival. Please do not call the theatre. For information email Roger Ricker at The theatre will not accept registration prior to 4pm on day of auditions. Please prepare to move/ dance and have a 16-bar selection prepared as song. Must have sheet music. 


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