The Vocalist competition had a great week three on Wednesday night 
July 23 at The Media Theatre, with a vibrant audience, a charming emcee, pleasant judges, and lots of aspiring young performers. Delaware County's premiere vocal contest is produced and organized by Media Music Theatre Company.

Here's a Photo Wrap-Up! 

The packed house crowd waits for the show to begin!
Junior contestant Josh Atkinson was there to support his older pals
Judge Nancy Mannion of Media Theatre Gala Committee
Judge Ramona Gwynn of Health Care Community Services
Judge Barbara Louks of Iron Workers Bank
Judge Jesse Cline, Media Theatre Artistic Director
Assistant Corey Katona does the video 
Vocalist Abby Pancoast sings 
Amber Duncan belted out "Diva's Lament" 
Diquan Dill sings 
Jessa Holahan
Michael Walczak does Frank Sinatra!
Moses Gonzalez gets into his number
Hope Smalley brings indie rock 
Thomas Lock does his Footloose
Chris Ertelt, Music Director, stays busy on the keys
FOX-TV's Sue Serio, emcee, presents the audience 
Kasey Brown sings about her guy
Rhiannon Charney has had enough!
Thomas Dempsey gets into his Book of Mormon for one night
Julia Richter is thinking maybe this time...
Courtney Schultz tickles the ivories
Chynna Pruitt gets romantic
Angelica Moyer is Cinderella for a night
Lauren Henninger does Andrew Lloyd Webber
Hannah Cosgrove feels the emotion
Robert Rinaldo gets your attention

Breyanna Lewis feels her song

WANT TICKETS TO 'THE VOCALIST'? Call 610-891-0100 or visit where you may also vote for your fave contestant. It's on through August 6. The "Junior" version is on Sunday nights through August 10.