When Garnet Valley Elementary School asked its fifth grade students to write an essay about 'Their Favorite Place', a young singer/ actress described her choice: The Media Theatre! If any one reading this forgets what it's like to be a child and have an outlet that you love, you certainly will not forget after reading the entire essay. 

The following is titled "Media Happiness" written by 10 year old Katheryn Cooper who is currently a member of the youth ensemble for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Nov. 20-Jan. 5) and is in the cast of The Wizard of OZ (ends Nov. 17), both productions at the theatre she adores. All of the statements, spelling, and punctuation are hers-exactly as she turned in to her teacher*:

"Well, here I go. It's off to the Media Theatre again. It is a wonderful place in Media. It used to be a movie theater, but they took out the screen and made it a musical theatre place. The Theatre always has friendships developing, lots of activities, and great variety in shows.

One thing I love about the Media Theatre is that there are always friendships forming and developing. My friend Katie and I met in doing The Adventures of the Three Little Pigs. Now we're like sisters. Michael and I met in New School last year and now we're great friends. My friend Hanna is everything a girl could wish for. I can always turn to her for advice, self-assurement, or just a friendly conversation. Now you know about all the friendships, I can tell you about the activities. 

I also like all the activities throughout the year. If you want to learn more about acting and how to act, just sign up for one of the acting classes. You can also have your birthday at the Theatre. Just, pick a show, pick a date, and voila! Happy Birthday! The Media Theatre also has the New School, a higher acting class for kids, taught by Mr. Jesse Cline. And let's not forget the shows themselves! They are great fun to do, and the rehearsals are wonderful! Now you know about all the fun activities and I'll let you in on all the wonderful shows.

Of course, the variety in shows is nothing to sneeze at! The Media Theatre just finished doing Spamalot, and getting ready for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. In the Children's Series, we are doing the Wizard of Oz, and then A Christmas Carol. The next Broadway Series show is The Diary of Anne Frank, and the next children's show is (for all you lucky Magic Tree House fans,) Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark.

So you can see, The Media Theatre is a place with friendships, lots of activities, and good variety in shows. Now that you've heard about it, would you want to go to that friendly place on State Street, Media?"

Author: Katheryn Tracey Cooper

*Statement regarding Spamalot updated, as the show has finished its run.
For information regarding productions and classes at The Media Theatre, call 610-891-0100 or visit


  1. What a delightful, well written essay, not only allowing readers to learn more about the Media Theatre and the young author and her friendships with wonderful kids she met at the theatre, but also including the readers with an activating question at the end.

    Congratulations, Ms. Cooper.

    Dr. Henrik Eger

    Former Board member of the Media Theatre and
    Philadelphia correspondent of AAJT, the world's largest Jewish theatre website


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